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General Laws and Regulations

Tribal permits/licenses are valid on Tribal & Trust lands only. They are not valid on SDGFP Game Production Areas, Walk-In Areas or Waterfowl Production Areas.

No license may be refunded or transferred after being issued.

No one may discharge firearms within 660 feet of any occupied dwelling, school or any public establishment or where livestock are present without the express written permission of owner or occupant.

No person shall scare, chase, harass, disperse, rally or otherwise disturb any wildlife by means other than by legal hunting methods and in the ordinary course of hunting.

No more than (20) twenty persons shall cooperate as a group in hunting.

Youth 12 thru 15 years of age must possess a hunter safety card or certification of completion from a hunter safety course prior to acquiring any tribal hunting permit.

No one may wantonly waste any game.

Non-Member hunting permits are issued on a first come first served basis. Applications are available upon request.

The sportsman license available to SWO Tribal Members only grants the same privileges as any other SWO license. It does not include any big game licenses (deer or turkey). Big Game licenses must be purchased individually.

Big Game permits are issued through the Tribal Fish & Wildlife/Realty Office only. Fishing licenses and other permits are available at the Dakota Connection C Store, Agency C Store and Oshay’s casino in Waubay.

Federal Lacey Act. No person may transport or ship to another state wildlife taken unlawfully on the Lake Traverse Reservation.

No one may refuse to permit inspection and count of game upon the request of any person authorized to enforce the game & fish laws of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate.

No person shall deface, mutilate, shoot at , tear, pull down or destroy any sign on the reservation.

No person shall cut, run through, tear out, take down, and leave down any fence. Nor leave any gates open or in any way destroy gates or fences on the reservation.

No person may intentionally interfere with another person lawfully engaged in taking or attempting to take game or fish. No person may scare or disturb game with specific intent to prevent its lawful taking.

It shall be unlawful for any person to chase, drive, harass, or hunt any wildlife with or from a motorized vehicle (automobile,snowmobile, atv, etc.).

No person shall take or attempt to take any wildlife with the aid or use of artificial light, except raccoons after they have been treed with the aid of dogs.

No hunting allowed on Lake Traverse Reservation trust lands on the North Dakota side unless a special permit is acquired from the SWO Fish & Wildlife Department through a separate application process. These special permits are available on a first come basis. They are limited permits exclusive for North Dakota Trust lands only.

North Dakota Trust land seasons differ from South Dakota Trust land seasons. Refer to page 22 in this handbook for seasons and permits available for North Dakota Indian lands.

Non member licensees whom were issued regular permits are not allowed to hunt Indian lands on the North Dakota side of the Lake Traverse Reservation.

Non member tribally licensed waterfowl hunters are not allowed to hunt from boats on waters the State of South Dakota deems to be meandered waters. Check with the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Fish & Wildlife Department prior to hunting from a boat to ensure they are allowed on that particular body of water.

It is illegal to use an auto-loading or self-loading firearm capable of holding more than six cartridges or capable of being operated as a full automatic.

Persons illegally taking, killing or possessing any species of fish or wildlife shall be liable for a civil liability to the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate.

If a person is convicted of violating any law or regulation pertaining to fishing, hunting, or possessing fish or wildlife without a license or during closed season, the court may revoke the persons hunting, trapping or fishing privileges for a period of one or more years.

Hunting or fishing violations on tribal trust lands that violate Tribal Game & Fish laws may also result in a Federal violation.

No person shall send or receive a message by radio or any other wireless means of communication while in or on a motor vehicle for the purpose of hunting any wildlife.

No person while in or on a motor vehicle or a conveyance attached to it shall discharge any firearm at any wildlife while on a public road or a field.

In the Tribal Atlas’s that are available for purchase, private Indian owned properties are color coded in yellow and the Tribal owned land are color coded in red. SWO hunt/fish permits are valid on either land with the exception as follows:

No person may hunt, trap or fish any land that is posted by a private individual Indian landowner of such property without express written consent of that individual.  If in doubt on a posted or non posted property please check with the SWO Fish & Wildlife Dept. or the Bureau of Indian Affairs at Sisseton Agency.

No game bird may be possessed or transported unless they have one foot, fully feathered head or fully feathered wing attached. Migratory waterfowl must have an attached fully feathered wing or attached head.

Affiliate eligibility: A non member employed by the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate or a nonmember employed by a local government which provides services to the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate. Any non member who is enlisted full-time in the US Armed Forces or National Guard is also eligible for affiliate prices.